Gillette Dry Shampoo Project


This was a group project for my Fundamentals of Marketing class. We created an advertisement for Gillette dry shampoo for men, a product that the company currently does not offer. Through our research, we identified an opportunity for Gillette to further expand their presence in the growing mens grooming market.

Footage, editing, and voice over done by yours truly.


How – to: Fashion on a Budget

I followed frugal fashionista and UMass senior Sarah Rosemond to the local Goodwill to learn all the benefits and techniques on how-to shop on a budget. This is only the beginning of our work together, stay tuned for more fashion videos featuring more of Ms. Rosemond! Hopefully eventually we’ll be working with higher quality equipment, but for now this was the trial run to see what we could come up with.

Holiday How-To Video

As an intern for the Alumni Association at school I was required to do some sort of an interesting holiday video. Since we are always on a strict deadline, the first thing I thought of were crafts and food. I only had about a week to film and edit everything, so it’s not top quality but it was definitely one of my favorite video shoots we’ve done.

I’d hope to progress to more cameras and more sophisticated lighting/settings.